My name is Amy Reding. I am a 26 year old freelance writer born and raised in Calgary, Canada. I feel like I reside all over the place (but usually I bounce between Maui and Canada). I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Communication Studies and a minor in Print Journalism. (Ironically, the only time I worked in an english newspaper was when I lived and worked in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia). After my brief stint in the newspaper world, I came to the realization that what I love about writing is helping people find their voice and tell their story. That led me into what I’m currently doing with my time: ghostwriting, co-writing, or generally Capturing Stories. If you’d like to learn more about what exactly I do, or hire me for a writing project head over to Capturing Stories to learn more.

I currently work part-time as content creator & communications editor for UChurch, as well as ghostwriting an incredibly exciting fiction novel! (No spoilers for that yet, but stay tuned!) In August 2017 I jumped into the incredibly exciting project of co-writing a book. In December 2020 we officially released Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence, and what an incredible journey it’s been!

Some fun facts about me: I love the ocean and the mountains, and basically any sport related to either of those places. I’m a young cancer survivor, and recently launched a series of artwork in order to help support others fighting the same disease; check it out & purchase a print here. I suck at technology, (I know, I’m the worst millennial around) so bear with me as this site may have a few hiccups. I make valiant attempts to use writing to articulate fascinating or challenging aspects of the human experience , or simply things I feel like writing about. I do not claim to be any form of expert, and my blog is merely one voice in a vast internet full of very loud (very opinionated) voices.

Listen if you like.

XO, Ames