Episode 3: Thrills and Eddies

What does it for you? What gets your heart pumping? What gives you butterflies? For me, I get a rush when I book a flight. The idea that I don’t know whats going to happen next. The thrill of the non-routine.

No game plan. Just go.

Travelling by air is kind of like a vortex. Ever ridden Space Mountain in Disneyland as a kid? You stand in line for hours, hope everything checks out (am I tall enough??) Then you hop in, strap in, and suddenly nothing is in your control anymore. The ride whips past, and you re-emerge. While you may actually be in the a same place- it feels entirely new. Also, your kid-self feels like a total BOSS because you just rode a spaceship.

Yes, I am saying that I get about as excited to go on airplanes as kids get when they ride space mountain for the first time.

Flights are magic.

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