Episode 14: But now we’re stressed out


It’s such a dirty word in 2018, hey?

We prefer to talk about sleep hygiene, self-love, meditation and minimalism. We strive to rid ourselves of this demon that wreaks havoc on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Yet we don’t really like to talk about it. I’ve often wondered how many people answering the question, “How’re you doing?” with “Oh I’m just so busy!” should really just cut the crap and say, “I’m stressed.”

But maybe that’s just me.

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Episode 11: The Hardest Part

A couple of days ago I was sitting around catching up with a group of friends, and someone began to get real about fear. She had been experiencing some abnormal health symptoms, had gone for tests, and now had an upcoming doctors appointment looming over her head. She summarized her fears about hearing her results quite simply, “I just wish I knew whether it was good or bad.”

Almost immediately, another friend nodded her head in agreement and said, “That’s the hardest part though – the unknown.”

Everyone in the circle nodded in agreement.

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Episode 7: Behind the Curtain

How many of you can guess something exciting that happened for me this week!!? (Hint: it’s very related to this blog.) Of course I’m referring to the premier of Stranger Things 2. The release of the second season got me thinking about the reasons why this blog started in the first place. Naturally, I needed a post to go along with it. The problem then became finding some way to deeply connect mythical demogorgons to vulnerability or shame. It was a real brain teaser. Honestly it was eating away at me. (In the back of my mind though… mostly I was wrapped up in the show.) That is, until episode 5 hit! And with it, one of my favorite scenes from the whole season unfolded.

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