Episode 6: Still waiting on the world to change

I’ve never claimed to be a patient person. Actually, I think one of my most obvious traits is my highly noticeable impatience. But hey, at least I own it.

I was listening to someone speak this August, and he began to talk about challenging seasons of life. I think I was half listening, basically anticipating the usual: “when something big shifts or changes, anxiety, loss, grief, etc.” To my shock he said the times in his life that have required the most courage have been the times of waiting.

 No, not like waiting for the new iPhone, or waiting for your coffee, or waiting in line at the bank. Those waits have definable end times. You know with absolute certainty that eventually this line will move and that lovely barista will hand you your promised caffeine fix. There is relief in the knowledge that this period of waiting will end, despite the fact that you probably don’t know when.

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Episode 5: I just can’t get comfortable

How many variations of that statement have you heard or you yourself uttered throughout the week?

“I was so uncomfortable.”

It’s the primary reason we associate long international flights with a deep sense of dread and disdain. It’s the reason we write off a potential relationship after one semi-awkward first date. It’s our excuse for backing out of a new job opportunity almost as quickly as we entered into it. It’s why we stare unwaveringly at our phones while trapped in crowded public elevators or waiting rooms, desperately avoiding potential eye contact with strangers.

We are driven by an innate desire for comfort.

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