Welcome to the Upside-down (some kind of dimension, universe or reality existing in parallel to the human world)

I was fasciated by Stranger Things when it first came out. I have always gotten a kick out of sci-fi type adventure movies and shows. But Stranger Things enticed me more than the rest. I loved the idea of the upside-down as this place identical to the real world, but full of shadows and fears… even monsters.

In my life I find two very distinct choices for almost everything. The safe or the unsafe. The expected or the unexpected.

This is my response. It’s my expression of choosing the unexpected, the unsafe, the unknown. I made all the “right” choices for a large portion of my young adult life. I lined up a good job post-graduation, a new car, I even had a new relationship for a stint. Yet I was full of more anxiety and more unease than I could’ve thought possible. I was living in the shadowland, experiencing the appearance of regular life but missing out on the actual substance of life itself. According to a Stranger Things fan page:

“The Upside Down contains the same locations and infrastructure as the human world, but it is much darker, colder and foggier – devoid of human life.”

I think many people live their entire lives in this place. They do everything expected of them. They walk through all the routines.

In Stranger Things characters get stuck in the upside-down. They exist in the cold, dead, terrifying version of reality, unable to escape on their own. I too believe we can’t escape on our own. I believe in a God who reaches to wherever we are and pulls us out. (In an effort not to wreck my semi-awesome metaphor, God is the only Being capable of crossing into the other dimension… the only Being capable of revealing to us that there is something much better than the shadowland in which we currently live). In the bible there are a lot of stories about God’s kingdom. The reality is, it looks like the opposite of what a strong kingdom should look like. God’s kingdom elevates the humble (Matthew 23:12). It tells us that to enter in, we need to become less like capable adults and more like dependant children (Luke 18:15-17). It looks backwards. It looks upside-down.

This blog is my journey into the upside-down. It’s the process of me embracing  and running full-tilt into an upside-down kingdom with upside-down dreams.

If you want to see what that looks like, follow along.

I can’t promise anything aside from adventure.